The Holistic Artist Agency is the world’s first talent management agency of its kind. We take tremendous pride in providing our clients with exclusive management and strategic tools to develop and promote their brand as we create unique business opportunities specific to their distinctive creative talent.

We take special care to act on our client’s behalf without compromising their beliefs or integrity by offering creative communications services and pursuing our clients vision. We connect holistic talent with those who will benefit most from their knowledge and insight. We offer our clients a comprehensive approach to organizing and guiding their careers to ensure their long-term success. We provide marketing and management support as we bring our clients to the forefront of their modality and generate vibrational success, excitement and awareness.

Paula Arnett is the founder and CEO of The Holistic Artist Agency, the world’s first management agency dedicated to developing and managing holistic and visionary artists in the increasingly fast-growing business of holistic healing, spiritual enlightenment and environmental values.

An avid health enthusiast with more than a decade of experience as a Talent Manager, Executive Producer and Marketing Director, Paula has taken her entertainment media connections and combined them with her passion for the holistic and wellness movement. She represents some of the most “influentially conscious” talent in the world. It is her sole purpose to raise awareness by creating new principles of vibrant avenues to promote her clients.

Paula’s personal mission is to assist her clients in spreading their truth and nurturing change in the current state of the planet. Healing humanity through powerful connections to the media will help achieve a transformational shift for a more balanced, vibrant healing of life on earth.

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“All true artists, whether they know it or not, create
from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness."
Eckhart Tolle